The Salisbury Forum, Inc. , Where Ideas Come Together, is a regional forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding topics which affect our lives in the community, region, nation and the world. We sponsor four or five public meetings a year, drawing upon nationally-recognized speakers.

Our mission is to present to the community opportunities to experience presentations by expert speakers on matters of interest to us locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Topics have included global warming and its effects on New England, immigration from a national and local perspective, the meaning of Islam, the Constitution and the Presidency, civic responsibility in public discourse as reflected in documentary films created by HVRHS students, international relations, Orville Schell speaking about U.S. / China relations, and a February 2011 screening of the award-winning film, “End of the Line”, as a collaboration with the FilmWorks Forum at the Moviehouse in Millerton and with commentary by actor Sam Waterston, board member of Oceana.

Admission to Salisbury Forum events is free, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

Donald Ross


Donations to The Salisbury Forum are most welcome! Your generosity will help us continue to invite exciting speakers from across the country, while permitting the Forum to make all events open to the public at no charge.

We are grateful for the continuing support of our organizational sponsors, Salisbury School and The Hotchkiss School, and the many community members who have donated regularly to the Forum. We hope you will consider making a donation if you have not already done so this season.

For questions, suggestions, or comments, please email the Forum.

Board of Directors of The Salisbury Forum