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Gifts Received July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016

Thank you to our donors! Your support enables us to present a wide variety of excellent speakers, and we are deeply grateful to you all!

Very special thanks to our institutional sponsors for their continuing support:

The Hotchkiss School

Salisbury School

Area business donors

Litchfield Bancorp

Salisbury Bank & Trust

Sharon Auto Body

Sharon Hospital

Smith Watson & Company

Individual donors

Janet and Sal Accardo

Marcie and Tony Aiuvalasit

Betsy and Mickey Alderman


Mieke Armstrong

Sia and John Arnason

Scott Asen

Ellen and Jeff Axelrod

Gretchen Babarovic

Barbara Bacewicz and Joseph J. Baxer

Catherine Bauer

Hilary and Dutch Barhydt

Laurie Batchelor and Gordon Warnke

Kate and Rick Beatty

Anne and Richard Bell

Barbara and Robert Bettigole

Robbin Blaine and Jeff Livingston

Janet Block

Parker Boal and Sandy Mirabile

Tina and Jeffrey Bolton

Lynne Bragonier

Elizabeth and Blake Cabot

Laura Carlson and Jim Dresser

Jo and Ed Carpenter

Claudia Cayne and Pieter Lefferts

Tina and Rusty Chandler

Heather Chapman

Pamela Chassin and Jared Zelman

Hope Childs

Mary Anne and Kenneth Clark

Annette Cloney

Mary Close and Philip Oppenheimer

Jocelyn Cohen and David Naidich

Terry and Joel Cohen

Lucie and Dick Collins

Carole and John Colpitts

Charles Cook

Maggie and Roger Crain

Peggy and Dave Cusick

Gina and Ralph D’Angelo

Lea Davies and Larry Power

Sophia and Lee deBoer

Franck deChambeau and Mark Spoor

Susan and Walter DeMelle

Dale Demy

John Dippel

Carole Dmytryshak

Verena and Tom Drake

Laurie and Dary Dunham

Randy Dwenger and Steve Callahan

Mary Grace and Edward Erbacher

Carole Falcetti and Norman Osofsky

Marian and Carr Ferguson

Diana and Tom Flemma

Eileen Fox and Hank Rosler

Evan Friedman

Kathleen and Howard Fuhr

Jean and Bill Gallup

William Gillers

Sandra Glickman

Ann Goodbody

Judith Gott

Leon Graham

Harry Hall

Libby Hall and Chris Abeel

Bethany Hart

Barbara and Mike Haupt

Jan and John Hazard

Peggy and David Heck

Inge Heckel

Claire and Berel Held

Ed Herrington

Diane and Don Hewat

Rhea and Al Higger

Beth and Jack Isler

Kay and Frederick Joseph

Jane and Robert Keiter

Sharon and Steve Klein

Eliza Klose and Harding Bancroft

Susan Knight

Mary and Richard Lanier

Roxana and Ledlie Laughlin

Fa and Roger Liddell

Marjorie and Sidney Liebowitz

Virginia and Bill Littauer

Helen and Will Little

Jo and Kiau Loi

Joanne and John Luning

Anne MacDonald

Carol Magowan

Anne Makepeace and Charles Church

Janet and Bill Manko

Susan and Ronald Match

Lyn and Skip Mattoon

Tanette and Dennis McCarty

Judith and Ray McGuire

Judith McKernon

Julie Michaels

Gloria Miller and Macey Levin

Lyndon and Leigh Miller

Marla Miller and Randy Brintnell

Barbara Moller

Sue and Bill Morrill

Carolyn and Jack Morrissey

Rose Marie Morse and Albert Francke

Renny and Michael Nachwalter

Sherry Newkirk

Nick Nickerson

Barbara Niles

Judith Noveck

Peggy O’Brien

Jack O’Connell

Roberta Olsen

Pamela Osborne

Ellie Owens

Barbara and John Pogue

Joseph Privitera

Hector Prud’homme

Carol and Laurance Rand

Rosina Rand

Marjory Reid

Susan and Peter Restler

Cristin and David Rich

Deborah and Peter Reyelt

Sue and Jack Ritchie

Dorothy Rivkin and Richard McGriff

Richard Robbins

Mary Robertson

Roxana and Tony Robinson

Rachele and Leonard Rosenberg

Helen and Donald Ross

Paddy Rossbach

Michelle and Peter Roth

Ed Rothstein

Carol and Robert Sadlon

Edie and Ken Schechter

Carol Schnall

Helena and Barry Schuman

Marian Schwaikert

Julia and John Scott

Jill and Neil Scott

Helen and Tony Scoville

Mark Shearer

Lisa Sheble

Catherine and Robert Shyer

Jennifer and David Sims

Isabel Sloane and Drew Robbins

Betsy Covington Smith

Ileene Smith and Howard Sobel

Matthew Smyth

Emily Soell

Betsy and John Sprague

Ben Stapleton

Anne Stewart-Fitzroy

Kate Stiassni

Trish and John Stimpson

Nancy and Rudiger Stoer

Richard Stratton

Ian Strever

Mary and Alex Taylor

Ilene Tetenbaum and Irwin Leff

Anita Tiburzi-Johnson

Jean Vitalis

Kathleen and Michael Voldstad

Christine and Robert Wallace

Elaine Walling

Cynthia Walsh

Jeanette and Bob Weber

Caroline and Jonathan Webster

Tatiana and Mark Weinbaum

Gail and Michael Weiss

Lynton Wells

John Whitsell

Andrea and Joseph Williams

Sarinda and Jonathan Wilson

Marilyn Yarnell

Eva Yxfeldt

Sarah Zarbock and John Hoffman

Murray Zimiles

Diane Zimmerman and Cavin Leeman