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Donations to The Salisbury Forum are most welcome! Your generosity will help us continue to invite exciting speakers from across the country, while permitting the Forum to make all events open to the public at no charge. Donations to The Salisbury Forum are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity. Thanks for your support!

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Gifts Received 2016-2018

Thank you to our donors!

Your support enables us to present a wide variety of excellent speakers, and we are deeply grateful to you all!

Very special thanks to our institutional sponsors for their continuing support.

Click on their logos to find out more:

The Hotchkiss School

Salisbury School            

The Town of Salisbury

CT Humanities          

Northwest CT Community Foundation

Area business donors

Click on their logos to find out more:

Best & Cavallaro Real Estate

Harney & Sons Teas        

LaBonne's Markets        

Noble Horizons Retirement Community & Rehabilitation         

Ascendant Compliance Management

Churchill Building Company, LLC

Greenwoods Counseling Referrals

Elyse Harney Real Estate

Hylton Hundt Salon & Spa

Interlaken Inn                          

B. Metcalf Asphalt & Paving

Moore &  More Printing

Oblong Books & Music

William Perotti & Sons      Plumbing and Heating

Salisbury Bank & Trust                

Salisbury Wines                            

Serevan Restaurant                      

Sharon Hospital                             

Smith Watson & Company Accountants

The Woodland Restaurant

Individual donors

Janet and Sal Accardo 

Jane Aire 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Alderman 

Marcie and Tony Aluvalasit 

Ann Anastasio 

Barry Anderson 

Ron Anderson 

Wendy Anderson 

Sherrell Andrews 

Peter Andrighetti 


Steven Aresty 

Mieke VHB Armstrong 

Sia and Jon Arnason 

Mary and John Arnold 

R. Scott Asen 

John Atchley 

Tracy Atwood 

Ellen and Jeff Axelrod 

Gretchen Babarovic 

Barbara Bacewicz and Joseph J. Baxter

Martha Baer 

Katie Baldwin 

Barbara Ballinger 

Martin Baltus 

Katie Banyai 

Mr. and Mrs. Skip Barber 

Lloyd Baroody and Zeina Mehio

Margaret Barrows 

Kathleen and Donald Bartles 

Laurie Batchelor 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bateman 

Christine Bates 

Catherine Bauer 

Linda Baxter 

Catherine Bayer 

Deron Bayer 

Mr. and Mrs. David Bayersdorfer 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beatty 

Carol R. Beerbaum 

Joy Behr 

Susie Belcher 

Mr. Ward Belcher 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bell 

Kitty Benedict 

Deb Bennett 

Betsy Berg 

Sally Berg 

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Berger 

Ricky Bernstein 

Janet Bertomen 

Barbara and Robert Bettigole 

Evelyn Bhumgara 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bierman 

Daniel Birger 

Louise Black 

Leo Blackman 

Mr. Allen Blagden 

Robbin Blaine and Jeff Livingston

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Blair 

Janet Andre Block 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Block 

Parker Boal and Sandy Mirabile

Grant and Karen Bogle 

Danae Boissevoir 

Tina and Jeff Bolton 

John Bolus 

Mr. and Mrs. George Borey 

Priscilla Bowen 

Lynne Bragonier 

Ellen Bratina 

Catherine Brazelton 

Lisa Brennan 

Chris Brennan 

John Brett and Jane Strong

Ivan Brice 

Pilar Bristow 

Lorna Brodtkorb 

Louise and Malcolm Brown 

William Brown 

Renee Bruce 

John Bryant 

Richard Buck 

Sen. James Buckley 

Caroline and Chris Burchfield 

Barbara Burge 

Ms. Karen Bussolini 

Elizabeth and Blake Cabot 

Mr. and Mrs. David Capellaro 

Colleen F. Carew 

Chip Carleton 

John Carlson 

Laura Carlson and Jim Dresser

Jo and Ed Carpenter 

Leslee Carsewell 

Lisa Carter 

Julia Cash 

Daniele Cassels 

Mardee Cavallaro 

Claudia Cayne 

Theresa Cerezola 

Lo-Yi Chan 

Tina and Rusty Chandler 

Heather Chapman 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Charity 

Suzanne Charity 

Jim Charlton and Barbara Binswanger

Ms. Linda Chase 

Dev Chatillon 

Hope Childs 

Neil and Kathy Chrisman 

Karen Christensen 

Ms. Anna Christodoulou 

Alanson S. Church 

Christine Clare 

Mary Anne and Kenneth Clark 

Kane Clawson 

Robert Cleary 

Dave Clement 

Helen Clement 

Annette Cloney 

Amy Rasner Clulow 

Kathy Coe 

Jocelyn Cohen and David Naidich

Terry and Joel Cohen 

Connie Cohrt 

Fulton Audrey Cole 

Charles Collier 

John Collins   

Lucie and Dick Collins 

Carole and John. Colpitts 

Cynthia Conklin 

Tony Consigliere 

David Conte 

Jane Melius Cook 

Hilary Cooper 

Bill Cord 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Coulombe 

William Cowie 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Crain 

Judith Crouch 

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Curtis 

Dr. and Mrs. John Curtis 

Lu Curtiss 

Peggy and Dave Cusick 

Gina and Ralph D'Angelo 

Charlotte Dallett 

Jean Darlington 

Catherine Dawson 

Peg Day 

Sophia and Lee deBoer 

Franck DeChambeau 

Michael E. Declement

Robin Dee 

David Deferrari 

Mr. and Mrs. George R. DelPrete 

Susan and Walter DeMelle

Mark Deming 

Susan Dempsy 

Ms. Dale Stull Demy 

Dorothy Denburg 

Amelia DeNeergaard 

Leslie Denniston 

Mary DePasquale 

David Diamond 

Page Dickey 

Carolyn DiDomenico 

Mauro and Janice Digirolamo 

John Dippel 

Meredith Dittmar 

Carole Dmytryshak 

David Dodge 

Hans Stuart Doerr 

Susan Donaghey 

Barbara Douglas 

Jennifer Dowley 

Ed Downey 

Verena and Tom Drake 

Sharon Driscoll 

Mr. Geoffrey Drury 

Jan Dudek 

Paul Duffy 

Valentin Dumitrascu 

Laurie and Dary Dunham 

Inge Dunham 

Donna Durbridge 

Randall Dwenger and Steve Callahan

Dan Dwyer and Jim Montanari

Wilhelmina Eaken 

Daryl Eaton

C.Arthur Eddy 

Kathy Eddy 

Chelsea Edger 

Lorna Edmundson 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Einhorn 

Joanne Elliott 

Eileen Epperson 

The Erbacher Famly 

John Estabrook 

Mr. and Mrs. George Faison 

Carole Falcetti and Norman Osofsky

David Fanning 

Rosemary Farnsworth 

Kathie Farrington 

Carol Feldman 

John Felton 

Marian and Carr Ferguson 

Audrey Ferman 

Brenda Fields 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Fiertz 

Jeffrey Fillman 

Jack Finkelstein 

Joyce Finkelstein 

Stuart and Fern Fisher 

Molly and Frank Fitzmaurice 

Laura and Jose Flores 

Dr. Nathaniel Floyd 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flynn 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fowle 

Dorothy Fox 

Eileen Fox and Hank Rosler

Meryl Fraguela 

Ms. Anne Fredericks 

Mr. and Mrs. John French 

Trisha Frey 

Elaine Friedman 

Evan Friedman 

Beth Frost 

Kathleen Fuhr and the Walter & Phyllis Borten Foundation

Emily Fuller 

Carolyn Fulton 

Judy and Leo Gafney 

Susan Gallaway 

Jean and Bill Gallup 

Ellen Garber 

Julie Gardinier 

Victor Germack 

Angela Gibbs 

Elvia Gignoux 

Mr. William Gillers 

Anthony Ginsberg 

Joshua Ginsberg 

Sandra Glickman 

Deborah Gobble 

Mr. Charles Gold 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goldberg 

Ann Goodbody 

Judith Gott 

Al Gould 

Leon Graham 

Mr. Michael Green 

Nancy Green 

Barbara Greenberg 

Edward Greene 

Peter Greenough 

Sharon Gregory 

Ann Grochmal 

Laura Grunfeld 

Hal Gurnee 

Alice Gustafson 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hackett 

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hahn 

Licia Hahn and Gene Dattel

Thomas D. Haines 

Arlene Hajinlian 

Harry Hall 

Libby Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Halle 

Alice Halsted 

Helen Hamada 

Wendy Bailey Hamilton 

Elyse Harney 

Elyse Harney Morris 

Amy Harren 

James Harris 

Bethany Hart 

Clifford Hart 

Lyn Hart 

John Hartje 

Paula Hatch 

Barbara and Mike Haupt 

Joanne Hayhurst 

Jan and John Hazard 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hecht 

Peggy and David Heck 

Inge Heckel 

Leslye Heilig 

Claire and Berel Held 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Heller 

Anthy Hellmers 

Salome Henderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hepner 

Walter Hergt 

Sam Herrick 

Mr. Ed Herrington 

Diane and Don Hewat 

Anna Heys 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Higger 

Ellen Hill 

Eizabeth Hilpman 

Jeanette Hingston 

Stan Hirson 

Thayer and Edwin Hochberg 

Lynn Hoops 

Honora Horan 

Maria Horn and Tom Quinn

Mark Houtzager 

Amanda Hower 

Mr. DeForest Howland 

Sari Hoy 

Ann Hume 

Ron Hummel 

Inness Humphreys 

Nancy and Neil Humphreys 

Daphne Hurford and Sandy Padwe

Joseph and Eliza Hurst 

Tom Ingersoll 

Mr. Palmer Irving 

Beth and Jack Isler 

Jane Ives 

Karen Jacobson 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jamin 

Charlie Johnson 

Jan Johnson 

Maura Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Kay and Frederick Joseph 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kagan 

Nancy Kahan 

Linda Kallstrom 

Juergen Kalwa 

Jurgen Kalwa 

Sergei Kambalov 

Michele Katz 

Carol Keenan 

Jane and Robert Keiter 

Nancy and Bill Kellett 

Charlie Kelley 

Jack Kelley 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly 

Sallie Ketcham 

Susan Ketterman 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Key 

Diana King 

Sue and Bob King 

Bernadette Kinsman 

Susan and William Kinsolving 

Sharon and Steve Klein 

Barbara Klion 

Eliza Klose and Harding Bancroft

James Knight 

Rick Knight 

Susan Knight 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koch 

Mr. Jon Kopita 

Lorraine Coyle Koppell 

Helen Koster 

Shane Kramer 

Anne and Bill Kremer 

Sunny Kuskin 

Robert Laibach 

Amy Lake and Al Ginouves

Jesse Laliberte 

Michael Lambe 

Mrs. Alex Lange 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lanier 

Barbara and Rod Lankler 

Cynthia LaPier 

Elaine LaRoche 

Roxana and Ledlie Laughlin 

Peter Law 

Christine Layton 

Steve Lehman 

Jamie Lehrer 

Talya Leodari 

Karen LeSage 

Irma Lesser 

Edward Letteron 

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Levine 

Blake Levitt 

Dan Lewis 

Lorrie Lewis 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Liddell 

Mr. Mark Liebergall 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Liebowitz 

Ken Lightcap 

Mr. and Mrs. David Lindley 

Katherine Lindsay 

Robert Kipniss and Laurie Lisle 

Litchfield Bancorp 

Virginia and Bill Littauer 

Deirdre Littauer 

Helen and Will Little 

Bonnie Lodevole 

Jo and Kiau Loi 

Morton Lomprsk 

Gretchen Long 

Carola Lott 

Masha Loucas 

Martha Loutfi 

Marshall Lovell 

Lois Lovisolo 

Rhoda Lubalin 

Mr. and Mrs. John Lund 

Ms. Jennfer Luning 

Joanne and John Luning 

Mr. and Mrs. William Lyon 

Anne MacDonald 

Mimi MacDougall 

John Macon 

Carol Magowan 

Vanessa Mahlab 

Michael Mahoney 

Cameron Majette 

Anne Makepeace and Charles Church

Barbara Maltby 

Janet and Bill Manko 

Gina Maolucci 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Markert 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marsden 

Kathy Martin-Ocain 

Katherine Martucci 

Susan and Ronald Match 

Nick Matsakis 

Lyn and Skip Mattoon 

Kerwin Mayers 

William Mayhew 

Diane Mayland 

Cathe Mazza 

Tanette and Dennis McCarty 

Priscilla and John McCord 

Kevin McCracken 

Joan McCue 

Mr. and Mrs. Ian McCunn 

Bonnie McGuinness 

Phyllis McGuire 

Judith and Ray McGuire 

Judith McKernon 

Steve McKibben 

Pat McMullan 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter McNeill 

Susan McQuillan 

Noemi Medina 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meehan 

Jane Meigs 

Hans J. Meili 

Gail and Allen Meisel 

Kathleen Mera 

David Merena 

Devon Merimmon 

Joan Merrill 

Alicia Metz 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Meyer Jr.  

Julie Michaels 

Linda Michaels 

Marshall Miles 

Chas Miller 

Eleanor H. Miller 

Gloria Miller and Macey Levin

John Arthur Miller 

Lynden and Leigh Miller 

Marla Miller 

Martha Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Milton Jr.  

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Minoff 

Betty Mitchell 

Barbara Moller 

Margaret Monaco 

Diane Monti-Catania 

Keith and Bridget Moon 

Juliet Moore 

Sue and Bill Morrill 

Holly Morse 

Rose Marie Morse 

Veta Mott 

Pamela Moulton 

Steph Munson 

Diane Murphy 

Renny and Michael Nachwalter 

Kamilla Najdek 

Phyllis Nauts 

Jim Naylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neely 

Suzanne and Gene Newell 

Sherry Newkirk 

Janet Newman 

Mr. Paul Ni 

Edward Nickerson 

Barbara Niles 

Carolyn Noble 

Kerry Noble 

Vanessa Noble 

Robert Norman and Dee Salomon 


Judith Noveck 

Peggy O'Brien 

Jack O'Connell 

Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neil 

Mary O'Neill 

Mickey O'Neill 

David and Janet Offensend 

Andrew Okell 

Mrs. Roberta Olsen 

Mary Close and Phillip Oppenheimer 

Nancy Orenstein 

Pamela Osborne 

Ellie Owens 

Bruce T. Paddock 

Bruce Palmer 

Kathy Palmer 

Patricia Palmer 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer 

Dominic Palumbo 

Bryan Pannill 

Gaye Parise 

Tom Passalacqua 

Peter Patch 

Linda Patz 

Priscilla Pavel 

Seena Peck 

Nina Peek 

Pamela Peeters-Nweeia

Jennifer V. Perga 

Cheryl and Don Perdue 

Judy Perkins 

Kathryn Perkins 

Mr. and Mrs. John Perry 

Nancy Perry 

Ann Petracek 

Frank Piselle 

Samantha Pitera 

Ted and Susan Pitman 

Linda Pizzica 

Stephanie Plunkett 

Barbara and John Pogue 

Mary Ann Poinelli 

Sarah Polhemus 

Sharn Posen 

Jody Potter 

Larry Power and Lea Davies

Carol Prendergast 

Marie Prentice 

Dr. Joseph Privitera 

Mr. and Mrs. Hector Prud'homme 

Barbara Putnam 

Pete Putzel 

Carol and Laurance Rand

Rosina Rand 

Jan Randall 

Paula Redmond 

Peter Reed 

Karen Reich 

Beverly and Norman Reich 

Marjory Reid 

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Reifsnyder 

Susan and Peter Restler 

Deb and Walter Reyelt 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Reyelt 

Mr. and Mrs. David Rich 

Ann Richardson 

Ellen Ring 

Shirley Ripalone 

Sue and Jack Ritchie 

Dorothy Rivkin and Richard McGriff

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Robbins 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robbins 

Mary Robertson 

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Robinson Jr.  

Biz Rogers 

Marel Rogers 

Carole Roseman 

Rachele and Leonard Rosenberg 

Barbara Rosenfeld, M.D.  

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rosenfeld 

Helen Klein Ross and Donald Ross 

Paddy Rossbach 

Cheryl Rossire 

Karen Rossire 

Barbara Roth 

Jane Roth 

Michelle and Peter Roth 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rothstein 

Robert Rout 

Patricia Ellen Rowell 

Carol Royal 

Hilary Russell 

Terrence and Linda Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Sabia 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sadlon 

Constantina Salamone 

Antonia Salvato 

Mr. and Mrs. James Samartini 

Joan Satterlee 

Linda Saul-Sena 

Nancy Schaetin 

Anita Schapiro 

Elizabeth Schaufelberger 

Edie and Ken Schechter 

Francis Schell 

Danella Schiffer 

Bert Schmitz 

Carol Schnall 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schneider 

Abby Schor 

Lara Schroeder 

Helena and Barry Schuman 

Marian Schwaikert 

Mr. and Mrs. John Scott 

Julie Scott 

Jill and Neil Scott 

Helen and Tony Scoville 

Jane Sellery 

Stephen Seward 

Liz Shapiro 

Dan Shaw 

Mark Shearer 

Lisa Sheble 

Sarah Shepard 

Karen Shreefner 

Brenda Shufelt 

Cathy Shyer 

Chris Siedor 

Hannah Silverman 

Beth Simon 

Jennifer and David Sims 

Tom Sitzmann 

Kathleen Slendorn 

Isabel Sloane and Drew Robbins

Elizabeth Slotnick 

Natalia Smirnova 

Elizabeth C. Smith 

Ileene Smith 

Marge Smith 

Marian Smith 

Marlene Smith 

Mr. Peter Smith 

Matthew Smyth 

Bettie Snyder 

Emily F. Soell 

Ms. Audrey Solnit 

William Spear 

Downey Betty Spence 

Richard D. Spoor 

Mr. and Mrs. John Sprague 

Chris Stala 

Mr. Ben Stapleton 

Roxann Steinberg 

Becky Sternal 

Anne Stewart-FitzRoy 

Kate Stiassni 

Mr. and Mrs. John Stimpson 

Nancy and Rudiger Stoer 

Mr. Richard Stratton 

Rachel and Donald Strauber 

Ian Strever 

Lynne Struter 

Ms. Mary Sullivan 

Judy Swanson 

Melinda Sweet 

Dick Taber 

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Taliaferro 

Sarah Tames 

Joann Tapley 

Catherine Tatge 

Mary and Alex Taylor 

Ilene Tetenbaum and Irwin Leff

The Kurtz Family Foundation 

John G. Thew 

Pat Thorny 

Anita Tiburzi-Johnson 

Stephen Tracy 

Kristin Trautman 

Edmund and Cary Ullman 

Lori Urbin 

Justin Vagliano 

Vali Valenti 

Nancy Van Deusen 

Susan and Steve Van Tongeren 

Barbara Vasaturo 

Mr. Steve Vaughn 

Susan Vaughn 

Alexa Venturini 

Peter Vermilyea 

Jean Vitalis 

Pamela Vogel 

Kathleen and Michael Voldstad 

Heidi Volosov 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace 

Elaine Walling 

Cynthia Walsh 

Elise Ward 

Sara Wardell 

Somerset Waters 

J.C. Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weber 

Jeanette and Bob Weber 

Caroline and Jonathan Webster 

Tatiana and Mark Weinbaum 

Wendy Weinberg 

Mr. Douglas Weisman 

Fern Weisman 

Gail and Michael Weiss 

Diana Wellington 

Lynton Wells 

Lynn Werner 

Laura Werntz 

Helen Wharton 

Lyman Whelan 

Pat Whelan 

Phyllis White 

William White 

Mr. John Whitsell II  

Nan Wile 

Andrea and Joseph Williams 

Fenton Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilson 

Pam Wilson and George Mason

Carey Winfrey 

Linda Winter 

Pamela Winters 

Susan Wirth 

Cyril Wismar 

Maura Wolf 

Steven R. Wolfe 

Amy Wynn and Eli Horowitz

Harren Wayne Yaddow 

Veronica Yaple 

Marilyn Yarnell 

Lindley Kirksey and Allen Young 

Benjamin and Anne Young 

Eva Yxfeldt 

Ben Zalman 

Sarah Zarbock and John Hoffman

Dr. and Mrs. Jared Zelman 

Tom Zetterstrom 

Martha and Murray Zimiles 

Diane Zimmerman and Calvin Leeman

Anne Zinsser 

Barbara Zucker-Pinchoff MD & Barry Pinchoff MD

Richard M. Zuckerman