Refuge From Conflicts, 7:30 PM, Friday, April 21, 2017, Housatonic Valley Regional High School
Event Date : 04/21/2017

The number is so large most of us can't comprehend the scope of the crisis. 65 million people have been displaced in the global refugee crisis. Since the civil war exploded in 2011 more than 11 million people have fled their homes in Syria alone. More than 4 million refugees have fled the country for Jordan, Turkey and other neighboring states.

/secure/images/gallery1/135-69V4TM7H4vA0.jpgGeorge Rupp knows this issue well. He was president of the Internal Rescue Committee from 2002 to 2013 directing a staff of 12 thousand colleagues in over 40 countries.He is a past president of Columbia University and is now a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

More than a million desperate people have made the perilous journey in overcrowded rafts to Europe. Most landed in Greece and then pushed north into Germany and other countries. It's a mind numbing problem that Dr. Rupp dealt with. His talk will be both provocative and informative.