The News–What Shouldn’t Change
Event Date : 06/09/2006
Dan Rather, of CBS News fame, packed 700-seat Elfers Hall at The Hotchkiss School on Friday, June 9, 2006. His topic was: "The News–What Shouldn’t Change". Rather generously signed copies of his latest book, and patiently answered questions for a long time after his presentation.

Religious and Political Fundamentalism: Around the World, Down the Block, and on the Ballot
Event Date : 04/21/2006
This forum was presented by Dr. Martin Marty to over 400 attendees on Friday, April 21, 2006 in the Chapel at Salisbury School.

Energy-Running on Empty? - Practical Tips on Energy Savings
Event Date : 02/12/2006
Energy–Running on Empty?
“Energy–Running on Empty?” featured Roger Liddell and Jim Motavalli on issues pertaining to the effective use of energy resources in the Walker Auditorium at The Hotchkiss School on Friday, December 2, 2005.

Practical Tips on Energy Savings
We also hosted “min-forums” on Saturdays, February 4 & 11, 2006, at the Salisbury Town Hall, featuring “Practical Tips on Energy Savings”. The presentations were led by Roger Liddell, who so ably spoke at Hotchkiss on December 2, 2005 and whose remarks led to numerous calls for follow-up.

Can Democracy Survive the Media?
Event Date : 11/04/2005
"Can Democracy Survive the Media?" was led by veteran journalist and author Sander Vanocur, in a packed Chapel at Salisbury School on Friday, November 4 , 2005. Mr. Vanocur’s background includes more than 40 years’ experience in print, radio, and television. Discussion continued over refreshments in the Centennial Building afterwards.