The Salisbury Forum Welcome to the Salisbury Forum website. We hope you will explore its various parts to learn about our programs and to get a sense of the breadth and scope of Forum events.

Our mission is to present to the community opportunities to experience presentations by expert speakers on matters of interest to us locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Topics have included global warming and its effects on New England, immigration from a national and local perspective, the meaning of Islam, the Constitution and the Presidency, civic responsibility in public discourse as reflected in documentary films created by HVRHS students, international relations, Orville Schell speaking about U.S. / China relations, and a February 2011 screening of the award-winning film, “End of the Line”, as a collaboration with the FilmWorks Forum at the Moviehouse in Millerton and with commentary by actor Sam Waterston, board member of Oceana.

We invite you to explore our website, send us your comments, support the Salisbury Forum with your contribution, and join us at our programs when you can. All forum events are open to the public without charge. We’d love to welcome you.

On behalf of the Forum Board, I hope you enjoy exploring our website. We look forward to meeting you at a future Forum.

Walter DeMelle, Jr.



Political Polling-How do they do it?: September 5th, 7:30PM, The Salisbury School

Douglas Schwartz is the  director of the widely respected and often quoted Quinnipiac Poll. Two months before the mid-term elections, Mr. Schwartz will explain how an independent non-partisan poll is conducted. His talk will give us a behind the scenes look at how a poll is constructed, who is called and why and how the results are tabulated. He says his goal is to have people in the audience come away with information they couldn't get anywhere … Read More >


Three Ways To Improve Performance In Schools: October 3rd, 7:30PM, The Hotchkiss School

Harvard University Professor Richard Elmore says there are only three ways to increase learning and performance in our schools: 1. Increase the knowledge and skill of teachers, 2. Change the content, and 3. Alter the relationship of the student to the teacher and the content. He says "We have vastly underinvested in human capital and resource development." He says school districts have to figure out how to raise skills and knowledge without the … Read More >

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